Message to our patients: COVID 19: Mandatory Closure


We want all of our patients to know, we are HERE for you. This PDF (click “PDF” to view or download) shows what constitutes a dental emergency according to the ADA at this time of uncertainty. Please stay safe, healthy and most of all positive!

Due to the recent health concerns regarding COVID 19/ Coronavirus, our office will be closed beginning Tuesday March 17,2020. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Our patients and staffs safety and well-being is a top priority to Dr. Yorgey. Though, we have always practiced proper sterilization and sanitation precautions. The next two weeks, we will be available for any dental emergency for patients of record. All non-emergency appointments must be rescheduled for two weeks out.

We thank you all for your understanding,

Dr. Yorgey, Alexis, Melissa, Emily, Cindy & Wendy

Sleep Apnea: Positive Results with CPAP


We are getting great feedback from our patients that have chosen to wear a sleep apnea and anti-snoring dental appliance.  Most of the comments center around how much better they feel and how much more energetic they are.  We are trilled to be able to offer this service to those who are CPAP intolerant, but who recognize the health risks associated with sleep apnea.  If you or anyone you know has concerns about sleep apnea, please talk to your physician or ask our office so we can direct you to get proper treatment.

Sleep Apnea & CPAP

I used to be under the impression that sleep apnea only affected overweight and older individuals, and that the only harm it caused was difficulty sleeping for the affected persons partner. However, after reading about the research delving into the harm of improper sleep, I decided to learn more about this condition and discovered how wrong I was about sleep apnea.  It is proven to be a cause of heart disease and stroke.

Sleep apnea affects all ages; children, men and women of any size or weight.  The shape and condition of the mouth and throat is the major contributor of sleep apnea.  A person who grinds their teeth and has GERD (reflux) is more than likely to be diagnosed with sleep apnea.  Some sleep researchers are postulating that ADHD in children is cause by sleep apnea.

The gold standard treatment for sleep apnea is a CPAP.  However, not everyone can tolerate a CPAP.  Our office has been making FDA approved appliances for CPAP intolerant patients for awhile.  In fact, I wear one for apnea.  If you are concerned that you or someone you know has apnea, our office would be happy to assist you in getting a sleep study to diagnose this problem.  If you are CPAP intolerant, we would be happy to assist you in getting fitted for an oral appliance.  Please call for more information.

New Services Being Offered

Dr. Yorgey has just returned from more continuing education classes to become a Certified 3M Mini-implant dentist.  Mini implants have been approved by the FDA for long term use in the mouth.  They are great for stabilizing lower and upper full and partial dentures at less cost than conventional implants.  They can also be used for replacing a single or multiple missing teeth.  These implants can be placed in our office, no need to be referred to the oral surgeon. Also, in almost all cases, no gum needs to be cut as in conventional implants.  Please call us for more information, 804-932-5396.  We would love to tell you about this exciting service!