Full Mouth Reconstruction

Over time, a mouth and teeth can break down creating pain and discomfort and decreasing our ability to enjoy life as we would like. Knowledge and the materials we have today has given us the ability to reconstruct the mouth back to proper function and esthetics. This is called full mouth reconstruction. It can be fairly simple, or it can become involved, depending on the condition of the teeth and jawbones. Treatment may include orthodontic tooth movement, implants, crowns and/or bridges, gum (periodontal) work, veneers, tissue recontouring, and bleaching.

Costs to do all this work may seem high at first glance, but with interest free financing and staging treatment, this work can be quite affordable. The improvement in quality of life is well worth the effort.

Remember, the Mayo Clinic has proven that people with teeth live an average of 7 years longer than people without teeth. If you would like to consider what can be done for your mouth, please contact us.