Deep Bites (Overbite) and Tooth Problems

Since practicing here for the last six and a half years, I have made some observations concerning the oral health of patients, in particular deep bites, and would like to pass on these following important facts about the mouth. We want you to be healthy and happy and maintain your teeth in good health!

The way your teeth are aligned and fit together is called your occlusion or bite. Teeth that don’t fit together properly are in malocclusion. One of the most harmful malocclusions is a deep bite. Unfortunately, many people with a deep bite have straight teeth and are under the assumption that their teeth are fine. This is a common misconception.

Deep bites cause numerous problems which usually take years to develop. The majority of people with deep bites suffer some TMD (TMJ) symptoms. These are usually headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and sore throat on one side. The headaches are usually over the sinus areas, fanning out over the side of the face, or in the back of the head at the base of the skull. A lot of times people call these sinus or tension headaches.

Also, deep bites put tremendous pressure on the molars causing these teeth to suffer fractures (cracks). The majority of people with deep bites have large fillings in the molars, or have crowns, or are missing the molars due to breakage.

Treating a deep bite can actually save you money and may increase your quality of life by reducing or eliminating headaches. Proper occlusion is important for proper function. If the bones in your body were not aligned properly, your body would eventually have problems. Well, your teeth are a part of your body, and like bones, need to be aligned properly or problems will arise. Research has shown that a healthy mouth is necessary for a healthy body.