Continuing Dental Education

I just completed a continuing education seminar on drugs and medications and their interactions with each other. There are new drugs on the market every year and keeping up with their actions and reactions takes a lot of effort. It may seem that we ask a lot of questions about your health and medications, but as you know, your mouth is connected to the rest of your body so to treat you safely, we need detailed information about you.

Many drugs have adverse reactions when used together, and we do prescribe drugs and inject drugs. Also, many medical conditions should not have certain drugs prescribed or injected, which includes some local anesthetics. There are also some systemic problems which show in the oral tissues before anywhere else. Knowing your medical history can not only help us, but will allow us to make referral recommendations to your physician.

I plan on updating this dental column on a regular basis with information on seminars we have taken, anything new and interesting that we have learned or read about, or even recipes that we may want to share. I hope you enjoy this new feature and welcome any suggestions on topics you’d like me to cover.